Website Design

Web Design

To create sites, we use WordPress

Your site should reflect your company’s brand and offer customers a pleasant visual experience while working on functionality and high interaction.

Companies today realize that their sites may attract a large number of clients and may share a lot of information, thus turning into a powerful marketing tool and an open business portal.

We don’t create “template” websites- your business is unique, and so it should be site the website that represents it. We will work with you in order to create a professional design that reflects your company’s mission and business values without exceeding your budget.

For providing our customers services at the highest level of quality, we use the latest technologies and standards. For creating our websites, we implement the Web 2.0 standards, which include some of the following principles:


Clear website structure, intuitive navigation

Website efficiency

Interaction with visitors

Fast loading pages

Compatibility with all browsers

Separate content from design, making updates easier to achieve
Website efficiency

To provide efficiency and speed, each website includes administrative systems
that allow our customers to modify almost the entire information displayed on the site, such as:

  • adding / modifying / deleting products and product categories
  • adding / modifying / deleting of new
  • sadding / modifying / deleting the pictures and photo galleries
  • adding / modifying / deleting articles
  • online order management

Website redesign

You need to re-design an old website or you deal with one of the following problems

  • design of the site is already obsolete
  • pages have photos or items in Java script or Flash which slow down page loading
  • website was not designed / optimized to be found easily by search engines
  • the array of products / services that you provide has changed
  • the current design doesn’t allow a successful promotion of new products
  • *We work only with WordPress.