24May 2016



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Mobile by justseo

Back in 1989, renowned poet and philosopher Madonna famously urged, “Express Yourself.” Could she have known that in the very near future, cell phones—solely utilitarian at first glance—would have the potential to take stylish self-expression to atmospheric levels? Let’s not rule it out (she is pretty powerful). Today’s phone fashion options speak volumes without saying a word. So go on: embellish, accessorize and customize that mobile until it is totally you. Here’s how:


Cell Phone Cases

Since a mobile phone is one of the most important pieces of personal technology you own, it’s wise to protect it from life’s inevitable dings and scratches. Enter the cell phone case. Also known as the blue jeans of the mobile world, cell phone cases are ubiquitous. And like blue jeans, they can be great looking, ill fitting, without frills, or, in the best-case scenario, perfect for you. Unlike blue jeans, they usually cost under $50 (although sometimes they do cost more than a pair of Toughskins).

Want to never get your phone mixed up with your mom’s again? Outfit that BlackBerry in Ed Hardy. The attitude is fierce; just don’t forget to wear your matching t-shirt if you really want to make a statement. As for what that statement says, no comment.

If your look is classic and modern, accessorize accordingly. Want something to match your power suit for a meeting? The woven look of this black case is made to flatter your iPhone, but since it is incredibly sophisticated, the effect magically transfers to you. Too buttoned-down? Check out this houndstooth-patterned case. Like to have a few options? Try a fitted silicone case, like the vivacious pink and purple sleeves that come in this two-pack. Silicone is durable and easy to identify by touch when lost under a couch cushion, you’ll find versions of silicone covers for almost every type of mobile.

Colorful and understand, this two-toned cover says “I’m vibrant, tough enough to protect what’s inside, and my owner is a Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach.” Or, it says “my owner likes the color blue.”

Samsung Intercept

Cell Phone Skins

Think of cell phone skins as temporary tattoos for your phone. Skins are easily removable, almost always inexpensive, and very unlikely to make you bleed when you get one (unlike back tattoos). Design your own at bestbuyskins.com. There are thousands of ways to show your loyalty to your team, fraternity or sorority, favorite cartoon family, teen pop sensation, iconic artist, or even a decades-old but still tasty candy. Nothing says “I will be visiting the Dentist soon” like a phone skinned with Runts.


DIY Decorating

Be warned: This fashion adventure is not for the faint of heart. Once you’ve glued Swarovski crystals all over your phone, that’s how it is going to look. So bedazzle at your own risk. That being said, here’s a site that shows you how to paint your mobile. (Yes, paint it—in a surprisingly lovely pattern, too.) And here are step-by-step instructions and a supply list to add bling to your cell phone. There are even sites that will sell you a crystal kit. Your phone will shimmer and your friends will be jealous … assuming your friends like tiny, shiny objects that may or may not void your phone’s warranty.


Tech-Savvy Extras

Hands-free headsets are all well and good, but how about accessories with beauty as well as brains? When you’re ready to buy that headset, remember your grandmother’s sage advice: “Money doesn’t by happiness, but it can boost your phone’s performance and make you look super-fresh.”

When shopping for a Bluetooth headset, a noise-cancelling microphone with wind suppressing technology is extremely important. Equally as important? A wicked-cool name. Enter Icon the Bombshell. This sleek little rectangle of luxe golden metal lets you handle two calls at once in style.

For those who prefer a headset with a streamlined sci-fi look, don’t miss this Plantronics design with a comfy gel pad for ear comfort. And by the way, a clean phone is a functioning phone, so keep one of these in your glove box … along with a clean pair of underwear (that’s mom’s sage advice).

Phone Fashion


If you’re a homeowner, you’ve no doubt spent countless hours cursing the wretched wallpaper someone without taste lovingly applied in consecutive layers. If you’re a cell phone owner, there is no need to curse. Cell Phone wallpaper is easy to download, easy to remove and easy to change according to your mood. Make your screen a moving fish tank. Take a world tour by using setting your wallpaper to a live webcam of the Eiffel Tour or other tourist spot. Or go more personal. use your phone’s camera to snap a photo of your kids, pet or blender and make the picture your wallpaper. The possibilities are endless.


Cell Phone Charms

It’s one of the most basic rules of fashion: If you want to try a trend without going overboard, get a belt. Zebra stripes are rarely regrettable in a 2-inch width, right? Look upon cell phone charms as the belt of the mobile fashion world. If you want to learn how to make your own beaded beauties, click here. But if DIY isn’t your thing, people will sell them to you. Prepare for exclamations of “Adorable!” with this cutie, show your support of a cause with a dangling design like this, or step into the wonderful world of mobile gardening. It’s a tiny plant in a miniature capsule that hangs from your phone. Mobile gardening. What will they think of next? But more importantly, when will they stop?