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Search Engine Optimization

In a constantly changing search horizon, JustSeoWebTraffic understands what it takes to create a successful online marketing strategy for your business

Do you want your website to be FIRST on GOOGLE? You are exactly in the right place!

The most important thing you need to do for a website to become efficient and attractive to customers is promotion. Promoting online services includes services such as Optimization for search engines (known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization), online advertising campaigns, banners, web directories submission, etc…
By far the most effective way to advertise when it comes to convenient costs and great results is the optimization for search engines. This optimization will get your website on the first page when Internet users around the world will be looking for your products.

Our SEO Process

Steps to Web optimization for search engines


Keywords Research

Step-1. Competitive Analysis,
Keyword Research.

Checking content

Step-2. Checking of texts and pictures for uniqueness.

Website optimization

Step-3. Meta Tag Optimization, Title Optimization, HTML, PHP, CSS.

Link Building

Step-4. Check the old and build new links. Links analytics.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Another advertising method provided by PPC is pay per click advertising. Google – i.e. Google AdWords, of course offers the best-known example and we are talking about those ads you see on the right or the top, where it says, “Sponsored Links”. The system works simply: each time a visitor clicks on your ad and is directed to your site, you are charged a certain fee, established by the system of daily auctions. Cooperating with us can help you save substantially, reducing even 10 times the necessary costs for attracting the same number of visitors without higher investments.


Banner advertising

Another advertising method refers to advertising banners placed on different advertising websites (newspapers, portals, magazines, specialized websites etc.). Investing in this kind of advertising requires identifying the websites that attract your target audience and good knowledge of the website traffic levels; this way, you will negotiate your price even better. Depending on the client’s needs and budget, we can identify other methods of promotion, but the ones we have mentioned have the highest impact.