03Mar 2016



Ping – the Blog update notification mechanism

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Ping – the Blog update notification mechanism

Whenever you post an article on the blog or updated it, you need to make sure that the search engines index it as fast as possible to gain fast high ranking. So you need to find out the ways or features that help you find our ways to get indexed your posts faster.

There is already a service available to let the search engines know about your latest posts or updates, called Ping. It is a very powerful and handy feature available to the bloggers. This ping is actually a mechanism, in which an alert is sent to the website or web service, which notifies the other website that there has been a new activity on your blog. This is done frequently whenever you publish a post, change it, update it . And thus your activity is notified to many web-services on a single click.

Today WordPress can be considered as most powerful CMS tool for bloggers. But not all the people/bloggers are aware of the power features that the WordPress provides. It also has the ping alert integrated in the CMS which you just need to click and use. Also for wordpress bloggers you can use the service of ping-o-matic. For bloggers on other platform you need not to be sad, as there are many providers providing the ping service, which you can use it for free.

But you just need to take care of one thing. If frequent notifications are send to the websites about the changes in the posts of log, new publishes, saved work etc. then there are chances that this can lead your ping alerts to spam. So be smart whenever you use this service to get you site indexed.

Thus ping does not guarantee higher search engine ranking or that the post will get indexed as soon as it is uploaded. But to get higher ranking, the faster indexing of the site is required, and the ping alert can help you to get your site indexed faster.