06Mar 2016



Link-building, Partners, Follower

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Link-building, Partners, Follower

Link-building” is all about cultivating online followers and partners., The more “followers” and “partners” you create and cultivate the higher your search engine ranking (SER).
A “follower” is someone who subscribes to your online RSS feed (such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video) to get frequently-updated information about your or your business from your website.
A “partner” would typically be another, non-competing business that agrees to link to your website in exchange for a link on your website back to the partner’s site. Ideally, such link exchanges should be between businesses that also have some relevance to each other.
Examples of relevant “link partners” would include a high-end men’s clothing store and a local Mercedes or Lexus car dealership; an ice cream shop and a toy store; a jewelry store and a women’s clothing shop; a motorcycle dealership and a local insurance agency; a home mortgage broker and a real estate agency. The possibilities are endless!
The more link partners you have the higher your SER and the more traffic you get at your website. Why? Because Google and the other search engines determine a site’s overall ranking based on it’s “popularity” (among several other factors). Popularity is determined largely by the number of inbound links to the site. The more popular a site is the higher the SER for that site.
A high SER generally translates into more website traffic for your site. And the more traffic you get to your site the more in-store traffic you’ll likely get — which is the whole point of having a website to promote your brick-and-mortar retail store. Right?
But the the really nice thing about a link-building strategy is that you don’t have to pay Google or Yahoo! for your high search ranking. It happens naturally without paying anyone!
“So, how do I create those ‘followers’ and ‘partners’?” you’re probably asking yourself, It’s really quite easy, yet most businesses fail to exploit this strategy because — while it doesn’t really cost any money to execute (as in the case of pay-per-click online advertising) — it does take some time and patience. The benefits, however, can far exceed the investment in time if you follow a few proven guidelines for success — regardless of your business.