26Feb 2016



Google web analytics

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Google web analytics is an important and handy monitoring tool, which helps in ensuring you the activities done by the visitors who have lately visited your website. This refers to the point that Analytics is a must tool for every webmaster who wants to keep track of the recent activities of the visitors. To be precise about the features of Analytics, it helps you know how they have come to know about your site, what activities they did there and how many website pages they have got to.
As a leading marketing analytics service specialist, we consolidate this data to exactly determine, how your website is doing in the industry, and whether your target audiences are happy using the services/products of your website. In this way, we can help position your website to a better ranking and also ensure that you are getting the maximum return on investment (or ROI). We also provide well-defined, extensive coverage through our SEO website analysis.
Our professional business analytics staff consisting of actuaries and marketing analytics specialists helps our clients devise and deploy down-to-earth, marketing strategies that practically work. We have spanned an experience of 15 years in the industry, which means we are expert enough in collating data and create brainpower that facilitates our clients to turn their business visions and prospects into reality.

We are ready to go hand in hand with our clients in the following ways:

Strategy and Planning

  • Strategic segmentation
  • Multichannel customer profiling
  • Product planning
  • Contact strategy

Insights and Objective

  • Vision and achievement representation
  • Cross-sell / Customer value modeling
  • Maintenance modeling
  • Online targeting
  • Next product to buy
  • Breakeven Deliverability Analysis

Testing and Measurement

  • A/B testing and analysis
  • Multivariate testing and analysis
  • Response attribution and analysis

How we can help you more?

  • We are the mastermind professional web analytics staff with vast range of experience in Analytics Sector
  • We will assist you in stitching up Google Analytics at every step and setting your conversion goals, funnels, laying out filters and relieve you from the entire technical hassles
  • We will define how to study the reports and shoot them to your inbox

Overall, you can have the confidence and trust that we can prove resourceful for you at every step so if you are stuck somewhere or want to have extra pull of information about our service, please feel free to get in touch with us.