05Mar 2016



How to Fix a LAZY Website

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Fix a LAZY Website
Should you keep your website on the payroll?

If you’re taking the time to read this then you probably don’t have to be convinced that your company’s lazy website needs a kick in the rear end. You probably also realize that this lazy “employee” may be costing you big money each month in lost sales opportunities. Worse still, your lazy website may be giving your online visitors a poor impression of your business and tarnishing your valuable brand. But, there is a way to fix this and get your lazy employee off it’s rear end and turning a HUGE profit for you. But first…

How Your Website Got So Lazy in the First Place …and How to Keep It From Happening Again

Maybe your site got so lazy because, well, your favorite nephew Larry built it for you during Summer break from college last year. After all, he needed the $500 and you needed a cheap website, right?
Or, maybe you hired a “website designer” who charged more than your nephew Larry, but the extra $2,000 you spent resulted in a professional-looking site that you were proud to show off. Unfortunately, no one actually visits the site — let alone contacts you for more information about your products or services as a result of visiting the site. Oops!
In the end, your nice-looking website just sits there on the Internet doing not much of anything — growing lazier by the minute. You continue to pay a few dollars each month to host the site, but otherwise it’s a disappointing memory that cost you $2,000.

So, where did you go wrong?

Your website was probably built with the wrong thing in mind right from the start. The site was built without a clear focus on what it was supposed to do for your business. That probably wasn’t your fault, but there it is none the less.

Website Designers vs. Online Marketers

There’s a distinct difference between a “website designer” and an “online marketer”. Website designers look a their work from a design perspective. They are focused on the visual appeal of a site’s various elements. That’s important because a site that looks amateurish reflects poorly on your business.
Online marketers look at a site from a marketing perspective. If you are in the business of selling blue widgets an online marketer will look at your site and make an expert assessment about how well the site converts online prospects into purchasers of your products. And if the site is not converting prospects an online marketer can tell you exactly why with a very high degree or precision and recommend changes.
An online marketer knows that a beautifully-designed website is no good if it doesn’t produce more sales than it costs to maintain it. In fact, most online marketers would prefer an ugly site that sells over a gorgeous site that just sits there looking pretty.