02Mar 2016



Which domain is best for seo?

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Which domain is best for seo?

Hi all, here we come again with a fresh new information most relevant with the SEO purpose. I am sure it will surely gonna help the webmasters with the SEO. I am listing below all the Factors related to the domain of the site that can have an effect on SEO, their importance in SEO and to what extent they would be affecting the SEO. The list goes as below:
Age of Domain – This is basically the duration since the domain is registered. Though this factor does not affect the SEO that strongly, but is one of the factors that can help improve the performance of a site a bit. The older the domain more will be its creditability with the search engine, as they consider it original site and not a spam site that lasts just for few months. So it is advisable to register a domain just as u get an idea to start website, then if you post the content later on it would be fine. History of Domain – It includes complete Whois history of domain. This factor hardly affects the SEO ranking. Though many people complain that changing the DNS, cause a fall in the ranking of the site. But it’s only temporary and you will again gain the search engine friendliness that you have lost.Keywords in Domain Name – This is a self explanatory factor. Still I will explain it using a simple example. Suppose you want to start a mobile and mobile accessories website and you choose a name computerworld.com, then whenever anyone search for computer your site will be listed but it would be irrelevant. So if you choose a proper domain name that includes your keywords, then your site will be listed for most relevant search and you will get your targeted traffic and thus help in improving search engine ranking.Sub-domain and Root Domain – sub-domains are mostly used to make the site clear and to maintain a proper flow. Sub-domains are mostly created to post content on the domain that is different from the main domain. Eg. maps.google.com , news.google.com etc. Thus it makes the site easy to browse and the search engines can easily make out from the domain itself what is the content on that page. And indexing by the search engines in more structured and thus helps in better SEO.