01Mar 2016



How content effects seo ?

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Content Of Site

Hi all, here we come again with a fresh new information most relevant with the SEO purpose. I am sure it will surely gonna help the webmasters with the SEO. I am listing below all the features related to architecture and content of website that can have an effect on SEO, their importance in SEO and to what extent they would be affecting the SEO. The list goes as below:
Architecture of the site:
HTML Structure – Though frankly speaking that there is no evidence that the SEs have any effect on the ranking of the site looking at the HTML code. It is seen that SEs even love the site with totally screwed up HTML code. But some webmasters are of the opinion that SEs prefer site with proper, clean HTML code and CSS. The code must be proper as the instructions laid by W3C. Still more research needs to be done to find the exact answer to it.
Header Tags – They are generally used to define the page structure. They rank from H1 to H6. Though such tags are found useful by the SEs to define the theme of the page, but over use of header tags affects the ranking and Google can even stop listing the site. So use proper and relevant header tags, as according to the theme of the page. Thus the search engines will find easy to navigate such page and helps in increasing the ranking of the page.
URL path – URL surely have a positive effect on SEO. Search engines like short and relevant URL as per the page theme. So be specific in writing a new URL for the contents that you post on your site. Select the URL as per the content or keywords of the page, and I am sure you can surely get benefit from doing this tiny act. J
Use of external CSS/JS file – This factor does play a role in the SEO. Using lot CSS or JS may increase the load on the server, and thus it might not be able to load the site in proper request time. Also search engine won’t be able to spider the large site. This is the case of inline CSS/JS. So don’t make heavy use of CSS/JS and if you need keep it external so that the site is able to perform well in the search engines.
Keyword Density – For search engines content is king. It always looks for original and quality content with relevant keywords. Actually keyword density does not affect the SEO. It is due to the reason that people were unnecessarily stuffing their content with keywords to gain higher ranking, which made Google to change its algorithm. Though it is advisable to keep the keyword density upto 3-7% of the total content on the webpage. It creates a good impression in the search engines and thus they can help to rank higher.
Keywords in Title Tag – This plays an important role in SEO. Having keywords in the title tag helps the search engine to identify what the page is all about and then helps in better indexing them. So make proper use of keywords in the title tag and take the benefit of the search engines.
Keywords in Meta Description – This does not play a more important role in SEO. If you want you can include, and even if you don’t include it hardly makes any difference in the search engine ranking.
Keywords in Header Tag – It is advisable to use keywords in the header tag. It helps the search engine to know what the page is about. But we must also take care that we don’t stuff the header tags with the keywords. Else it would be considered as spam by search engines.
Keywords in body text – It is more important to have keywords in the content. But we must take care that we don’t stuff the content with the unnecessary use of keywords. A density of 3-5% is advisable to maintain in the content to gain the friendship with the search engine.
Freshness of Content – It is the most important of all the factors that have an effect on SEO. Search engines are always hungry for fresh content. If you satisfy their hunger they help you to rank higher. So always use fresh, original and informative content on your site. If you just take care to fulfill this factor, you can definitely rank higher without even touching the other factors.