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If you bought your first camera …

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If you bought your first camera

If you bought your first camera. The basic rules of photography.
If for the first time you took a camera in your hands, you shouldn’t immediately go into the details of the composition and strive for high-quality frame building. You can do only the very basics. When you master them with confidence, further advancement in the field of photography will be carried out by an experiment method and simply intuitively. The most important thing is to take pictures and take many more pictures. First take a picture of everything around you. Then go to another place and continue taking pictures. Fortunately, with digital cameras you will not need to spend money on film.

It is important to remember the basic rules of photography.

The camera must be held firmly with both hands. It needs to be kept straight, otherwise the pictures you take will be crooked.
Watch out for the horizon! That is, pay attention when shooting landscapes on the horizon line and the lower limit of the viewfinder or camera display – they must be parallel.
Use the “golden section” rule!
Keep your camera level with your subject. Do not take photos straight up or down, or from a height of your height down, unless you want to achieve a special effect. For example, if you shoot children, go down to the level of their eyes, otherwise you will get distorted proportions.
Make sure that the main object of the picture does not merge with the background. If you are shooting a single object, then try to choose a simple background, the details of which will not distract the viewer. In some cases it makes sense to make the object occupy the vast majority of the area of ​​the frame itself.
Try to ensure that the light source is behind you. Also, avoid bright lights or colorful spots apart from the main plot. It distracts the viewer.
If you are renting a building, then choose a view from which its facade and side can also be seen. It will look much more voluminous than just the facade.
The most crucial moment is the moment you press the shutter button. Here you need to even hold your breath. In no case can not pull their hands. Get close in front of the mirror and looking at the reflection of the camera make a few clicks on the shutter button. You, most likely, will see how when pressing the camera sags and again comes back to a starting position. This should be avoided. When you press, do not strain the whole hand, but only the index finger. Practice well in this exercise. If you do not succeed here, then you will do a lot of blurry shots.
In the viewfinder or on the display you can already see the picture that you get after pressing the trigger. Do not make frames completely mindlessly. Analyze your pictures, choose the best and memorize. Then try to do this and even better. Often it is necessary to come closer or vice versa to get away from the subject. It may even be necessary to stand on the other hand, from a different angle. Experiment and remember when you get something decent.
It is necessary to try not to cut people’s legs to the knee and hands to the elbows.
It is important to monitor the light source. He should not be ahead of the photographer. Well when the light source behind or from the side.
The best photos from amateur photography are obtained on the street. Indoors, most often there is not enough good lighting.

A source: http://lin.com.ua