03Mar 2016



9 Ways – Google Can Panelize Your Site

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why google penalized site

As we have discussed before there are many ways to optimize the site for search engines. But not all are legitimate and legal. There are various black-hat techniques that the web-masters use to get higher ranking in search engines. And Google penalizes such techniques severely. Initially you may be benefited from such techniques and get good ranking, but once Google comes to know about it, they have full authority to drop you page rank and even ban your site. So let us have a look at what are the shortcuts or black hat techniques for which Google can penalize your site.

  1. Keyword Stuffing – In this technique the content on the page is unnecessarily stuffed with the keywords. As per the standards the keyword density on the page must be around 3-7% of the total content on the webpage. If the density increases then it makes no logic to the content. Even the readers don’t find it much relevant. Many web-masters use this technique to drag the attention of the SE by showing that their content is rich in keywords. This is like over optimizing your content for the selected keywords. But the SE soon recognize the fraud and can drop the page rank of the site and can even ban the site. So be careful in the density of the keywords used in the content. Still if the density is more then you can use the synonyms of the keywords.
  2. Hidden Text – In this technique the web-masters include a keyword rich content in the HTML code. Such content is invisible to the human readers and it is used just to fool the SEs that the content is rich in keywords. The human readers see different content and the SE see’s a different one. But this is a black hat technique and search engine can penalize you for your wrong doing.
  3. Doorway Pages – Before this technique was not called black hat. But then people started making the use of it in wrong way. They create such pages just as to spam the index of the search engine. When user clicks on any of the search engine results that are generated from the phrases inserted in the search box, the user get directed to a different page. They are also called jump pages, gateway pages etc. web-masters create content and keyword rich doorway page just as to get higher listing in the search engines. But then when the users click on it they are sent to different page. So this is wrong technique to get higher listing and Google can penalize you for it.
  4. Duplicate Content – Original, unique and informative content is the only key to get higher ranking in the search engines. It is rightly said “Content is King” in SEO. And the search engines are always hungry and looking for fresh content. But when you use the duplicate or copied content the search engines ignore you. Even if the search engines don’t come to know about it, your competitors will surely know and they can report it. So stay away from such malicious techniques and be genuine in your efforts. Duplicate content means inviting the search engines to penalize you.
  5. Link Spam’s –Baclinks are best source to get quality and targeted traffic. Also more the number of backlinks more will the creditability of the site in eyes of search engines. One backlink is considered as one vote, more the number of votes more the ranking. But now web-masters have started using the fraud means to get backlinks. Getting links from a link farm or a blacklisted site is considered as fraud. Also buying of backlinks is also wrong mean to get backlinks. The search engines will immediately come to know about it as there is sudden increase in the links to the site over-night. Also if the number of incoming links to the site out numbers the number of outgoing links from the site, the search engines will definitely question it. So one must not include in the fraudulent affair of buying and selling links. And once they identify your fraud they can penalize you severely by dropping your page rank or even banning your site.
  6. Cloaking – This is strictly a black hat technique in which the search engine spiders and the human visitors see different versions of the same page. This technique is based on IP address of user. If the user is identified as a search engine spider, then they are presented the version of the webpage that is not visible to the human visitors. So that using that webpage they get higher ranking in the search engines, which otherwise they won’t be getting. Thus this is used to fool the search engine, but no one can survive such long using this technique and once their fraud is identified the Google will severely penalize it.
  7. Comment Spamming – This technique is generally used to get a backlink to the site. In this the user comments on blogs, forums, discussion board etc. where they are allowed to post a link to their site also. They just post creepy comments links “nice post”, “good site”, “I don’t agree” and then place a link to their site to gain a vote from them. Thus this is also a black hat SEO technique and your site can be penalized by Google if you are using such trick to gain backlink.
  8. Manual Penalties – It is very difficult to judge for which technique Google will penalize you and to what extent. Manual penalties generally refer to off-site over optimization. You need to read the web masters forum of Google, to find you if you are using any unethical technique that you must not. If you are using, you are sure to get penalized by Google.
  9. Sandbox Effect – The existence of this is still a question to many. But some of them have experienced this. In this the Google temporarily drops the page rank of the new domains. The page rank is decided on the basis of inbound links to the site. Many web-masters then send links to new site, from the other sites that they own. So in order to overcome this Google places the new site in the so called “Sandbox” for the period of few months and then ranks it in the search engines. Still research is going on if this really exists or not.

Thus there may be many more that we can add up in the list. But the rest I leave to the readers to add it in the form of comments to the site.  All their valuable words are most welcome. So enjoy blogging.

Also always remember to be genuine in your efforts. Though initially it will take some time to rank higher in the search engines, but it will be more fruitful in the long run and you can enjoy reaping its fruit for longer duration.

“Be ethical and reach higher”, that’s the only mantra to gain success on the virtual world.

Google Penalty: Fooling Google, Yahoo and other search engines is not that easy. You can’t come up with any shortcut to reach the top of any search engines. The search engines comes to know about it, they can ban your site. Google can cause you penalty by decreasing your search engine ranking. The penalty can be caused by failing to implement proper SEO techniques, using spam SEO techniques or using black hat techniques for SEO like link purchasing etc. Google is smart enough to trap you and is aggressive enough to penalize you for your illegal or usage of banned ways.