02Mar 2016



Аre reciprocal links good for seo?

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Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links is widely discussed and widely used link exchange program. Reciprocal linking means two websites links each other, giving backlink in exchange of backlink. Many bloggers and webmasters are using reciprocal linking to increase number of backlinks and hence link popularity. But the question is

  1. How much reciprocal linking is effective?
  2. Is reciprocal link exchange is pure white hat seo technique?
  3. Does too much links harms your seo?

In nature, it is natural and links to relative information pages. That’s why the effect of reciprocal link building is depends on how you use it.

It is okay if you use it to link similar kind of content to serve your readers interest, and number of total links are adequate. Here I mean to say that, reciprocal linking is usefull for human readers but too much links on same page may become unnatural for readers.

It is not okay if you are using reciprocal linking only to improve your link popularity, increasing number of backlinks, and linking wide range of urls without ther relativeness of content. It is not okay if you are linking naturally and very relative content, but the number of links are too much.